More Changes to Web Site

You have undoubtedly noticed that KellysWorld has an unfamiliar look. You haven't landed at the wrong site, I've just been working on several issues related to a recent upgrade I made to my web authoring software. The theme that I have used for well over a year doesn't seem to play all too friendly with the updates software. So in the mean time I am using this theme which does seem to work, well, mostly work anyway.

I am also making some additional changes to the interface of the site, nothing too major; but I do want to be able to fit into the schemas of some of the web themes I have seen and liked. Many of these themes require fewer major menu groups than I previously had on my site. The plan right now is to concentrate on what folks who visit the site want to see. I believe that primarily to be this "blog" and the "Gallery." So, I'm going to work to make sure those two sections look and work as best I can manage.

UPDATE: This isn't what I want the site to look like, but this is a look that works for the time being. If you come back tomorrow, it might look different; hell, it could look different in an hour. One just never knows with me.