We Have An Offer

Well, we have an offer on the house. It isn't a perfect offer and we have to counter. We don't have to sell the house, so I like the feeling of not "having to accept any offer." We can afford to get the offer we want. The house has had many viewings since we put it on the market and we haven't had a single negative comment about the house. Again, that allows us to really be picky about who we sell the house to and how much we are willing to accept to do so.

We have to buy our next house and know the number we need to be at to make that happen.

No matter though, I can honestly say..... I hate this process; at least the selling part. The buying is frustrating to because much of what we really like is out of our price range; in some cases not by a huge margin either. We have set our upper limit though and won't go over it. Just not smart to do so.

In a few days the house may have a contract on it fully signed, or it may not. It's like a soap opera!