The Hunt Continues

Yesterday, Tracy, Courtney and I visited several more homes in our search to find the perfect replacement to our existing home. The search helped us to narrow down our list of choices and proved that we have done a very good job in preparing our home for sale. After some of the homes we saw, it is scary what some people don't do to sell their home; and ever scarier what people do to their beautiful homes when they own them.

The search though isn't an easy one. We looked at 6 homes yesterday and four of them were far from acceptable. One of them had been so mistreated that after just a few years of life, it looked like a 10 year old home. One of them we looked at yesterday looked pretty good, bringing the sum total of all the homes we have looked at that we liked, to two!

Of course, we can't consider buying a home until we sell ours. So we just sit back now and see what happens.