First Stumbling Block in the Road to a New Home --- Our Dogs

It seems that man's best friend, can be his worst enemy when he is trying to sell a home. We have two dogs, Morgan and Gracy and while we love them dearly; they do their jobs of protecting our home from invaders a little too well. I can't blame them, they are genetically wired to protect their den at all costs from those they either don't know or don't trust. I don't think we can teach them that the agent entering the house is there to help us, not hurt us.

That leaves Tracy and I in a quandary, what do we do about our two best friends? We can lock them in the garage, but that just seems cruel; and I know that Gracy will not appreciate it at all! We could lock them in the so called "Media Room," but while they may like that better, it would keep potential buyers from seeing one of the rooms in the house.

Not sure what we do, but we will have to think of something quick. Two agents have nearly turned away due to the dogs and only didn't because the first time Courtney was at home and the second time our agent was at the house taking photos. So we were lucky, but unless one of those agents has someone that is going to buy the house now, our luck may be running out.