Cool Software Application for Students - Mac Based Of Course

SchoolHouse 2 for Mac

In browsing the web today at lunch, I came across this cool little app that is designed for students. It isn't supper complicated but would have been a blessing to me when I was in school. Sure you can use Outlook or several other programs to help keep track of lessons and research, but having it all handy in a specialized application can be a godsend. The application is called Schoolhouse 2 - The Homework Manager for Mac.

The program keeps track of your class notes, class documents (you can attach documents to a topic), class tasks and research projects as well as keep track of grades. I haven't used it but the features it has could be very useful. It is also true "Donation-Ware." Meaning that you use it and if you like it you donate what you feel it is worth.

If you are interested or have a friend or student that is, I think it is worth checking out at: