Virtual Nuke in Virtual World "Second Life"

Second Life Nuke

Well, as crazy as it seems, terrorism has finally made it's way from the streets of Iraq to the online world of Second Life. In an effort to get the attention of the operators of Second Life, Linden Labs, long time users of the virtual world game set off two "virtual" nukes near two major corporate headquarters to protest the unfriendly turn that Second Life has taken in recent months as the population has grown by mammoth proportions and so to apparently has the in-game violence. You can read the original article here.

I came across this article reference on which was in turn a reference to a story on I don't know if I should think the situation is funny or extreamly sad. Here are the thoughts of DiggityDugged, who posted the article on Digg.

Last year the virtual population of Second Life soared from 100,000 online players to well over 2 million. The veterans were upset with the way the newcomers were playing the game disrespectfully, so to get Linden Labs attention, they set off two nukes within the same day. Talk about overkill.. They started their own official army too. (Read Digg Article)

Linden Lab Nuke Linden Lab Nuke Linden Lab Nuke