Mac OS 10.5 Coming Sooner Than Later

Leopard Mac OS 10.5

Those that know me, know that I've once again become a Mac Head. I love my PowerBook and really do believe that Apple continues to create some of the best hardware and software in the industry today; and is doing a kick butt job with consumer devices as well. Anyway, their much anticipated competitor to Windows Vista is Mac OS 10.5; code name Leopard, is apparently on track to get released in early Spring instead of late Sprint or Early summer. The later time frame has been given by Apple for some time now, but it seems things are going better than anticipated.

Macrumors is reporting that this news is currently "unconfirmed," but their confidence must be at least somewhat strong or they would have put the news on what they call "Page 2," their stories that are very much rumor with no credible source. Apparently they have recieved their information from a report. Could be true, might not be... who knows...

Though unconfirmed, claims that Apple's Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard will be shipping by the end of March "according to sources."This date corresponds to an earlier report from ThinkSecret that Leopard development was "wrapping up faster than many at Apple even anticipated". Based on this earlier report, the new versions of iLife '07 and iWork '07 are expected alongside Leopard. Even after many false rumors about potential Apple media events, buzz continues about the possibility of a future Apple release event.