Adding Interesting or Usefull Documents

The Original Dec of Independance

If you check out the section "File Share" on KellysWorld you will find some interesting, maybe in useful documents. The list is currently short, but I will add to it in time as I find documents that I think others may find useful or simply interesting. I've started the collection with a spreadsheet I created for helping in my search for a new home back in 2002, along with some government and political documents. Included with these are the United States Constitution as well as the Declaration of Independence. With both documents the US Archives have made the original documents available for download as either PDFs or JPEGs. These digital versions were made from high resolutions scans taken of the documents. I've included readable transcripts as well the scanned versions. You will notice that the scanned versions are showing serious signs of age; but then how well will you look in 200+ years? The document to the right is a digital scan of the Declaration of Independence.

If you know of a document that I should add to the site, please let me know. You can check out "File Share" HERE.