Dad Comes to Town

Father & Son

Dad came down for father's day this year along with Nancy. We hadn't seen them in a while and we had a great weekend. Too much of it was taken up with buying the new cars, but Dad got to take part in that process and I think he enjoyed himself. He really liked the BMW 5 Series. His kind of car. Although I'm with him... IT'S PRICY. We didn't do anything in Dallas too special, but we did have a great father's day celebration and he had an opportunity to meet Carlos and Javier, plus his soon to be great grand-son.

Dad and I got a chance to sit and talk and enjoy a couple of great glasses of my favorite new adult beverage, Port. Man is that some good stuff. Sunday night we even enjoy smoking some great cigars I picked up at my favorite cigar shop. They were Guerka's that are infused with Louis XIV. Very smooth cigars, with a bit of sweet taste. Not something I would smoke too often, not a $11 a stick; but for a special occasion like Father's day... you bet.

It wasn't all port and cigars though. We did sit down and watch the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe together. Dad hadn't seen it yet and I think he enjoyed watching it on a big television in our makeshift media room. Dad also checked out our vacuum cleaner and slapped me up side the head for not keeping it as clean as I should. Yes, I know better. Good news on that front, it's still in great working condition. Dad rebuilt the vacuum himself several years ago for me and it still runs very well.

All of us had a great time. Mom had been here just a few months before to meet Tracy and see the house and this was the first time Dad has visited since Tracy and Courtney moved into the house. So Tracy and I are nearly done checking off the "must have's" before the wedding. All of that in one great weekend.