Not Just a Good Christmas, but Great!

Christmas this year was different and wonderful. Last year I had Brion as a visitor so I wasn't alone, but this year I have Tracy and Courtney here, I have a family of my own; and the family did up Christmas.

We rose early, but not as early as many. We had a breakfast to attend at my aunt's sister's house, so we had to dress and be ready and open our presents all before 10:00. So we started off the morning by dressing for the day, then we enjoy Tracy's annual cinnamon Rolls. They weren't homemade as she probably would have preferred, but were of the sugar free variety so that she could enjoy them all the more. Then we sat down to open presents.

There was no lacking for presents this year. Courtney probably had the "best" Christmas if you only speak of the actual presents she received; her Christmas was very much an "electronic" Christmas too. She received not only an iPod and computer speakers, but also an HP notebook. It was a musical Christmas too, as she received an acoustic guitar from Tracy and myself and an electric guitar from her father. She received plenty of other items, but those few items will be what she remembers in the months to come.

Tracy had a good Christmas too, with her big present being a right hand ring that I got her. That happened to be one of her big "wish list" items; just not one she published. She also received several of the Sims 2 games for Christmas and some of her favorite musicals like Gigi and My Fair Lady as well as one of the greatest movies of all time, Gone with Wind.

As for myself, well Christmas was good to me too. I don't even count my Christmas presents as why it was good to me; as the best Christmas gift I could have received was the presence of Tracy and Courtney in my life. For the more curious of you, my presents were equally great. My primary gift this year was a ring from Tracy to replace the ring I have worn since I left Korea in 1998. That ring isn't going anywhere, but this new ring also counts as an engagement ring of sorts from Tracy to me. It is a gorgeous black onyx ring surrounded by small diamonds. I also received a wonderful humidore to keep my growing collection of cigars.

Christmas wasn't just good to me this year, it was great. Next Christmas should be even better as I won't be a man celebrating Christmas with his finance and her daughter, but I will be celebrating Christmas with my new wife and step-daughter. Considering only a few years ago I assumed I would celebrate most of my Christmas alone, things have most assuredly changed for the better.