Introducing KellysWorld 3.0

If you haven't visited recently, you may not have noticed that it has a whole new look and feel. I call is KellysWorld 3.0; as this is the 3rd major revision to the site. What you are reading now, KellysWorld Times, is a sub-domain of KellysWorld and not actually the primary site. The actual domain of KellysWorld was pretty much stagnate for much of 2005. It was just unwieldy to work on and not much fun. I had more fun working on KellysWorld times and wrapping my brain around CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) in Blogger, the tool I use to make edits and changes to KellysWorld Times. I enjoyed working in it so much I created a few other "blogs" for the family plus one for our upcoming marriage. Those sites though aren't KellysWorld and as someone who enjoys doing a little web editing and playing with new features and tools, I really need to have a fully functional website.

You won't find any fancy features and while the look is new and much improved over the old site, it isn't anything super special. I won't lie to you, it is a template. You may actually see other sites on the web sporting a similar look. Who knows, they may make better use of it.

You will find in KellysWorld the standard fair. There are links to the various family blogs, there is a gallery of photos, a place to send me a quick e-mail, a place to store useful files and even upload some you feel are useful and even a page dedicated to just telling you what's new with the site itself. The gallery is especially cool making use of Flash technology so that all you have to do is sit back and watch the slide show. Having videos on the site should be great in the near future once I have produced a few.

All-in-all it should be a much better site and I hope updated more often than before. For the most updates you can continue to come here, so feel free to bookmark KellysWorld Times; but to say you have actually been to KellysWorld, you will have to go to It's really not that hard... go ahead... you know you want to!