Computer Issues

There are times I pay a heavy price for playing with the latest and greatest software, because sometimes it just isn't that great. I'm not sure what was causing the constant slow-downs on my notebook the past few days, but with each passing hour it was seemingly getting worse. To try and gain back some control I decided to start uninstalling software and running the registry cleaner I have on the computer. Uninstall, run cleaner; then uninstall next app and run the cleaner. Now that I have uninstalled a bunch of apps they system is running with a great deal of pep.

The question I now have is, how much of the software I had before can I run again before the old "slow-down" monster rears its ugly head. Video was playing horribly, the windows on my computer would freeze from time to time, and in general my computer acted as though its processor was stuck in the mud. If I am lucky it was more about software not being fully installed properly or two programs mixing it up in the wrong way.

So, learn from me. If you get the urge to install a bunch of new programs, think twice and ask yourself..... do I really need that software?