Christmas Lists

Those who know me well enough, know that I am not a big fan of creating Christmas lists, although I do like to have them made for me by those I buy for... yes I know, a typical "Kelly way" of looking at things. Let it be known that I have now been "convinced" of the error of my ways and have, on this site, published my "Christmas List" along with Tracy's and Courtney's lists.

All three lists are linked together. I didn't do anything fancy, or decorate the page much. Maybe next week. Spent the last several weeks working on other web projects like the Eternal Magic site, Coffee Talk and Girl Talk. Okay, so a little shameless plugging, but I promise all proceeds generated by these sites goes to charity. (Not really, but then there are no "proceeds" either.)

Hard to imagine that Thanksgiving is a week away and Christmas is only a little more than five weeks away. Of course if you have been in a store in the past several weeks you would have thought the holiday season had already started. I'm just curious, when did Halloween become the start of the holiday season?