''Battlestar Galactica'' Confirmed for Third Season

In reading Digg.com this morning I learned that Battlestar Galactica will be renewed for a 3rd season. In my humble opinion this is the best series on the SciFi Channel and one of the best series on TV today; easily in the top 10. It is well acted, well directed, well written and the special effects are used just as that... not as stars of the show. It has taken the flaky but fun original from 1979 and given it a new spin and a new life. For me I think it now beats out Babylon 5 for best Science Fiction show ever, but I will have to watch it for a few more seasons before making such a radical statement.

From Digg: What hitherto was rumoured has now been confirmed. The best scripted show currently on Television (yes, beating out even "Lost" and "Rome") has been renewed for a third season.

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