Rita Comes Calling

I didn't write this up the other week, but as I am sure you know Hurricane Rita slammed into the coast of Texas back on the 23rd of September. She then drove up the Louisana/Texas border creating all sorts of havic and a fair amount of destruction. Dallas was supposed to have been on the tour schedule, but like Houston got very lucky. Not just becuase the storm came ashore as a category 3, but also that she veered to the east.

That isn't to say that Houston didn't get hit, but let's face it the evactuation of Houston was actually necessary in hindsight but was probably a good idea none-the-less. Who ever knows what a hurricane will do.

Of course when Rita was done with the coast she made her way North by North-East and passed right by the far east side of the Dallas metroplex... i.e. where we live. We got some decent wind with pretty good gusts, but not a drop of rain. Nothing stranger than seeing massive rain clouds swirling around at an unusually fast speed and producing no perceptable humidity and no rain.

It was a wide awaking though. Had she come ashore as a category 5 and been on the predicted track she would have crossed right over Wylie as a category 1 hurricane. Since she stuck around the area for several hours as it was, I really can't imagine what it would have been like had she had the predicted power and rain. Like I said, we got very lucky. Not everyone was so lucky.

Update: It should also be noted, that while Rita didn't cause any major damage in the Dallas area , Tracy's house suffered a bit more than most as an entire section of her backyard fence gave way to the wind. If any of you have the time and inclination, please feel free to "fix" the fence.