Neighbors Annual Halloween Party

Each year our neighbors across the street throw a huge, and by that I mean increadibly huge, Halloween party. They don't just get a little candy, a few beers and spooky music... nope! They get bounce houses, build a haunted house in their garage, decorate the entire property and invite 60 to 70 of their closest friends and their kids. So to call it huge is a bit of an understatement.

Tracy wasn't feeling great, but she wanted to go and dawn a costume. I'm not much into custumes but she had me attach a few spiders to my shirt so that I would at least meet the sprit of the party. Courtney and Giselle just went as giggly teenage girls, which of course they are so the part was easy to do.

All of us had a great time. Courtney, Giselle and I spent our fair share of time both in the bounce house and on the slide. Our time in the bounce house was made more interesting by the fact that the under 10 crowd see anyone over 10 as basically adults and therefore as the enemy to be crushed under the weight of their mite. If that fails, bite and bite hard. The girls got crushed and I got bit. In all fairness I was actually bit on the slide by the cutest little girl; well cute right up till the moment she bit me. No teeth marks and no blood, so no damage done. I guess biting passes as flirting when you are barely 6 years old.

So eventhough Tracy wasn't feeling very well, we all had a great time and Ibelieve our neighbors saw the party as a huge success.