Flickr Test

Brion Christmas 2004002
Originally uploaded by kspore.

Well, this is a test of the photo blogging feature in Flickr. Flickr is a photo sharing site that also allows for full archival copies of your photos. This service is very simillar in some ways to SmugMug which I currently use for my photo storage. While SmugMug has a cleaner interface, I think Flickr may be easier to use for those just wanting to see my photos. However, SmugMug has more features and as everyone that uses it pays a subscription I feel it is probably going to end up being the better service.

One interesting feature of Flickr is that it allows me to take any photo on Flickr and post it right to my blog. This is for the lazy person though, as I can link a photo from my SmugMug account to my Blog. But the ability to just click on "Blog This" is cool if you want to have a quick direct link to a photo you find on Flickr.

Where SmugMug is aimed at the Prosummer, Flickr (becuase it has a free service) is aimed mostly at the regular consumer. This doesn't mean it is better or worse, just a different demographic.

Check it out at It is currently a "Beta" but is in full operation and recently purchased by Yahoo.

I put a few photos on Flickr and of course there are tons of photos from around the world. I will say that you do need to be careful as their are all kinds of photos on Flickr... ALL KINDS, and they are pretty easy to find.