Everything Must GO

After work last night Tracy and I stopped by her house. We were going there to eye what was left to remove and meet with one of her co-workers who said her boyfriend and her were interested in taking some of Tracy's stuff "off of her hands." Well they hit every room and filled up her little SUV with just about everything they could carry and they are coming back in a few days to take the big stuff.

As I mentioned, Tracy and I don't have the space in my house to store much of anything that we haven't already moved in. Space isn't tight, but if we were to bring any more furniture, it would be very tight. Plus she has lots of decor that either doesn't fit with the Wylie house or we just don't have a place for it.

So we told them that just about everything that was in the house was her's for the taking and take she did. She walked away with garage organizers, pictures, dishware, silverware, tupperware, etc. I felt like the one of those furniture commercials saying, EVERYTHING MUST GO and of course away it went.

Now, we didn't leave empty handed either and we still have some Christmas decorations we need to bring home and some stuff we are going to put into storage, but Tracy had already emptied the house of much of what she wanted to keep, everything that is left is of a "if we can't take it then we can give it to someone that needs or wants it." By taking this stuff off of our hands they are doing us as much of a favor as we are doing them. It just feels good.