Aftermath of Katrina

As most of you probably know I work for a rooftop management company, which means that I work for a company that manages the telecommunications antennas and equipment that goes on the roofs of all kinds of buildings all over the country. One of those buildings is in New Orleans. During the weeks following Katrina and probably throughout the next several months, I have been kept busy with regards to that building. The groups that have equipment on the roof all had to get up there as quickly as possibly following the storm to asses the damage and repair their installations as best they could with limited resources.

One of those companies provided me a few photos of the destruction, not only on the roof, but in the photos you can see the flooding that occurred in New Orleans. Be sure to click on the photos and you will be able to clearly see in the background the flooded streets of New Orleans. Also notice the photos of the devastation 140 mile around winds play on roofs 50 stories up.

These photos were taken less than a week after Katrina Hit New Orleans