Kelly's World Times is Moving

That's right. I am finally getting around to making some changes to my site. You have probably already noticed that I have again changed the look of the site, nothing major and a pretty simple change at that. Just like this look better. I'm still tweaking though, so you may notice a few more small changes.

The big change though, at least for me is the change in URL or web address. Instead of being at it will be located at A seemingly simple change, but took me a little while to figure it all out. I prefer addressing it this way as it is simpler for folks to remember and is just cleaner.

For those looking for more "technical" information, I have moved from one form of sub-domain to another. A sub-domain is basically a web-site inside a web-site. If you use any large websites you will notice they use sub-domains a great deal. Anytime they basically move to a more independent part of the website they put it under a sub-domain. This allows for a totally different nagivational system as well as an independent look and feel.

I have a few other ideas in my head for changes to the entire site. Some of the tools I had used in the past I don't have access to anymore so I am going to have to re-build a lot of the old site. So if I can keep to my guns, in a few months we may actually see v3.0. It may not be revolutionary and it may not be any different at all. Just not completely sure yet; I just feel it is time to make a few changes.

For now though, hopefully, when you come to this site if you use the old address you will find yourself re-directed to the new address. I'm still working to make sure that all works right. You will know when it does though.

It won't all happen in a nice and systematic way, but the hits to my site aren't huge so for most of you reading this the change will seem to have just magically happened.