Courtney Starts School

Yesterday Courtney, Tracy's 13 year old daughter, started school here in Wylie as an 8th grader at Wylie Burnett Junior High. She was a little hesitant about switching schools, as any younger person would be, but she made the best of it and walked home that same day after making several new friends.

She has the standard arrangement of courses, including an pre-AP science class (which made me very happy) that she is looking very forward to experiencing. Tracy and I met her science teacher as well as all of her other teachers last week during the "Meet the Teacher & Schedule Pick-Up" night. We also met the coach of the girl's athletics department. Courtney has signed up for athletics, which is a class, plus those enrolled in the class can try out for various sports teams. Courtney is going out for the volleyball team. She has to be up at the school Tuesday through Friday of this week every morning at 7:00 am sharp for try outs. On Friday she is supposed to learn if she made the team or not. Either way, she is now officially a Buccaneer, the school mascot. Wylie has a whole pirate motif for the schools, because as we all know many pirates anchored their tall ships off the coast of Dallas.

It's an exciting time in the house. The past two nights that Tracy and I have come home, it has been to a smiling 13 year old who is very much enjoying the school experience. I don't know if that will last, but I will enjoy it while it does. Next year it's off to highschool and I remember how well that turned out for me; then again I did end up at TU, so I guess I didn't do too horrible. Maybe I can talk Courtney into going to my alma mater.

Now we are only into the first two days of school, but I think she is going to do very well. She loves to read, enjoy science and has no love for math. How can I not love all those things.