Rainforests, Easter and iPods

Today was a good day. Tracy, my girlfriend, her daughter Courtney and myself all went out to Grapevine Mills Mall to pick up two new suits we had purchased last weekend. I had to hobble about a bit because my ankle still hasn't fully healed from twisting in it last month. We bought a pretty good brace for it last night and while somewhat uncomfortable to wear (wrapped tightly around my ankle) my foot seemed to actually hurt less. After we picked up my suit, and the ladies did their obligatory shopping for shoes (women and shoes, I'm in the wrong business) we headed off for lunch at Rainforest Cafe.

Now I have to say right off the bat, the "cheese" factor of Rainforest Cafe is right through it's foliage covered, animal dangling roof. That isn't to say that the restaurant doesn't have its charm. Although when the hostess calls for the next party and says, "your adventure is about to begin" it took everything I could to keep from yelling.... "This isn't Disney Land!" Never-the-less, I enjoyed the dancing elephants, monkeys and even the crocodile. The food was pretty good, but I must admit I wouldn't rush out to eat there again.

After I hobbled out of the great rainforest in Grapevine with my two lovely ladies we headed out to Wylie so that I could get the mop on my head properly cleaned up in time for Easter services tomorrow and Easter dinner (or is that Linner) with Jim, Sharon and the rest of the gang. Tracy and Courtney are going to be coming as well. Should be interesting, it will be the first time I have ever brought anyone to one of Jim and Sharon's holiday events. Tracy is probably nervous, all-be-it for no reason and I think Courtney is looking forward to it. Of course before we do that we have to get through the Easter presents.

Yes, I said Easter presents. Apparently there has to be presents for every holiday. I'm surprised we didn't have Lincoln Day presents, but maybe I just didn't notice either. So tomorrow after we get back from Easter service, we will probably have breakfast then sit down to loads of Easter baskets. Before you worry too much, I am participating in the gift giving ceremony. Nope, not going to reveal what I got; although I did break down and give Tracy one or two of her presents already. One was a great little iPod case that is good for running or just milling around and of course I got her a gift certificate to put a few more tunes on the iPod. What she doesn't know is I am going to sneak off with her iPod and cross the border into a non-extradition country.