Vote 2004


Everyone else is making their predictions.... so let me make mine as well. I am not using any polls, scientific research or black magic; just my own mental abilities, such as they exist. So, who do I think will be the President of the United State of America come February of 2005? Well, I believe it will be George W. Bush, but it will be by a popular vote margin nearly as close as the last election and an electoral vote even closer. I really think that the nation is just that split down the middle.

What is this worth... well, if you have a post-it note anywhere near you... it is worth one sheet of that pad. The weather is an issue, the people's perceptions of the election on the west coast, the number of registered voters that actually turn out at the polls and maybe even a butterfly in China flapping its wings.

In the end, the President of the United States is the President of the United States. I will support whoever sits in that office. It is truly that simple. I support the office of the President, and not the man. The man or one day woman, is the issue during the campaign but once the polls close and victor decided the "Office" takes precedence until such time as the person holding the office belittles the "Office" and that my dear friends is when we look as removing the person.

I have my favorite, Bush, but I support him with trepidation; but I just can't find it in myself to vote for Kerry. If I were to vote for Kerry it would have to be because he offered me something as a person that I think would enrich the office beyond the current resident. I don't think he does. I am not too kean on his character, which isn't to say I think he is a bad person, and I do have some issues with his past and that is only an issue with me because he made it an issue (mistake on his part I think). I believe in his right to speak out against the Vietnam war... I just disagree with him and do not believe everything he said in the way he said it.

I have my issues with Bush. I think we went to war too quickly. I think we should have declared war on Iraq and on the terrorists of September 11th. I think that taking Sadam down was for the good of the world and it was the time to do it, I just think we could have handled it better and still gone down the same road. I don't think we have planned the war out very well and our men and women are suffering the consequences as are the Iraqis people; but show me a war that went "as planned, as advertised." Not one. I trust though that Bush will do what he says. I trust that Bush will do what he feels is in the best interest of the country, even if I at times disagree with him. In short I trust Bush and I don't have that same feeling about Kerry. Trust doesn't mean I agree with you, just that I believe you will do what you think is best and not what you think everyone else thinks is best. If I were President, I would be doing what I thought was best because that is how a Representative Democracy (Republic) works. You don't take polls or have elections for every decision... the leader makes decisions. Bush makes decisions in my mind, I don't think Kerry does.

I will end this by saying, that I believe Bush will win; but I further believe that Bush needs to make some changes in his administration in a bid to try and win back the trust of so many Americans.