Sick of Being Sick

I do so hate being sick,
I might prefer a stick,
Or even my head upon a brick,
Just not drowsy, coughing, fever sick.

If after reading this you have an overpowering sensation to jump in front of subway train or bus, then you have a fair idea of how I felt these past few days. Okay, so maybe I exaggerate a little.... a subway train would be quicker.

The flu or whatever came over me found its way into my life Monday in the form of a very soar throat and by Wednesday I was feverish and coughing to the point that Gracy was keeping her distance; and Gracy never keeps her distance. The worst part of being sick though, isn't the coughing, the fever, the aches or any of the physical manifestations but the sheer boredom that comes with doing the right thing and staying as far away from other human beings as possible to keep me from passing on the "fun." Even for someone that enjoys a great movie or two, sort of loses it after three or four in a row; especially when you are constantly falling asleep during them. I did enjoy a little time "fragging" terrorists and aliens; you know, good social fun.

Admittedly being sick over Thanksgiving might lead one to think there isn't much to "give thanks" for, but alas even sick I can say that I have a warm home, a good job and all-things-considered, good health. Before you start to think that I didn't get to enjoy Thanksgiving at all, I am happy to report that one of my neighbors, after finding out I was sick, brought me over turkey plate feast with all the trimmings. My appetite wasn't as hardy as usual, but I managed to scarf most of it down with a bit of a smile on my face. When you are sick of being sick, there is nothing quite like a great tasting meal that you didn't have to cook yourself.