Back Up and Running

Yes, it's been a while but work has kept me busy and I have been in the process of making a move. No, I didn't move to a new house or anything quite that drastic and if I didn't tell you about the move you would never know it happened. How is that possible? Well, I have moved by website. The address is the same familiar one,, but the actual location of the data has changed dramatically. Instead of residing way out in L.A. the data now resides here in Dallas.

I had been using, which if you are looking for a web hosting service is as good as any other and probably better than most. The time had come though for me to try and take a little more control and hosting providers have a tendency to limit your control, choices and power. While it is totally understandable, I wanted that control. Through a friend I have been able to achieve that control. So while you will never notice the physical change in my data's location, the back-end control has changed dramatically and that should be all-the-better for me. I now have complete control over my e-mail services, sub-domains and so on. Plus additional features may come on-line in the future that I probably never could have gotten through ipowerweb. In the end, this is more about me having the ability to screw around at a higher level than anything else. I just have to have that ultimate level of control that allows me to really muck up the works at any given moment.

In the weeks to come an address will change though. I am going to be moving The KellysWorld Times to its own sub-domain, Now that I have figured out the dynamics of my new server location I hope to make that happen in the next few weeks. It requires me to change my menu structure a little bit, which will take longer than the actual move.

I am also planning more drastic changes for my site, but I can't comment on those now. No, they aren't top secret and I am not working on those changes in some undisclosed location. I simply don't know what those "drastic" changes will be yet. I have a few ideas, but haven't settled on them yet. In the end I may take the easy way out, I just don't know.

It's been some time since there were any changes at all to the site, including here at KellysWorld Times, but I am now back up and running. I can't promise exciting changes or stories that will tumble governments, rattle the chains of society or even create a stir among loved ones. All I can promise is that I will do my best not to bore you into a coma or push you to the point that you are pouring gasoline on yourself at 30,000 feet (ala Airplane! - The Movie).

All that really matters is that the site is fully back-up and running, such as it is.