New PhotoLand for KellysWorld

Excitment feels the room! The applause seemingly have no end. now has an improved way to view photos and you can even buy prints if you want them all in one place! The world just can't believe the increadible innovation that has just occured.  

If true, the world needs to get a life!
So the world isn't going completely nuts. Dogs and cats aren't sleeping together, not for the whole night anyway. There is great innovation though at KellysWorld. Recently I subscribed to a service offered by What is Smugmug you ask, well simply put it is to photos what Blogger is to blogs. Simply a great and easy way to share photos. Instead of creating each album myself by hand, this system allows me to simply upload the photos and that's it. As I have time I can write explanations of what each photo is, should explanation be required.
So go check it out. You can find me at
If you like the site and think you might like to use it, then let me know. There is a referral program that lets you save $5 off your first year's fees. I subscribed to the power user program, but they have a level below that and a level above it. The prices are all quite reasonable. The professional, the level above my type, is only $100/year (which is what my hosting service costs); while the standard service is only $30/year. They will give you 7 days to try it for free, no matter what level you choose.
Yes, there are free ones out there but they are ad supported and have other uncessary pains involved; plus you don't have the level of custimazation. This is more of a permenant home for photos while most of the others are more temporary in nature; even if they never delete your photos.