Rainy Day Picnic

Last night the sky not only opened up with a curtain of rain, but showered the sky with streaks of light brigther than I have seen in a long while. The drive home was an impressive sight to behold. It did foreshadow that the alumni picnic I had helped planned is doomed to be, at the very least, very soggy.

The rain has stopped and it doesn't look as though it will pick up again this afternoon, but we recieved so much rain that I have no doubt that the park will be as wet as if it were raining. Add to that the cold spell that followed the rain, and our Family Fun Day at the Park could end up being the Wet & Soggy Day at the Park. It also means my plans to wear shorts and get a bit of sun have been dashed. Furthermore it means that those of the fairer sex will also probably not be wearing shorts and getting a bit of sun; that's just a horrible turn of events. Then again, my not wearing shorts is probably a good thing as my white skin could blind someone.

Our plans to have a bounce house, one of those big blow up contraptions that kids jump around in with giddy joy, have been nixed as electricity and water have a tendancy to be less than a friendly experience to us mere mortals. Although it would guarantee the possibility of high drama.