New Look... It May Change Again...

You may have noticed that my "blog" has a new look. This is because Blogger has a new web interface with new features and many new templates. I don't know if I will return my blog to the "" look or not. Everytime I do it takes a while to make it work and then Blogger goes and makes more changes that require me to do it all over again. I love the changes Blogger makes and I don't have to change the template, but it just makes sense to do it.

This newer "blog" allows for some pretty cool features. Chief among them is the commenting function. You can now comment on the newer posts (older ones don't seem to have comments turned on by default) and say anything you want about them.

Another new feature is the "profile" of the blog owner, in this case ME. How exciting! Don't everyone clap at once.

There are many othe new features, but they are all under the hood or behind the drivers seat; not so much for the reader.

Let me know what you think... oh and you can use the comment just look to your right of the posting date. It's real easy. Just give it a try!