Hair Everywhere

Do you own a dog? Does your dog believe in being at all places at the same time? Mind sure does. I know that shedding is a part of being a dog and therefore part of being a dog's owner (sounds so medieval "owner"), but I think Gracy is attempting to set some kind of dog record. She isn't that big of a dog, but you would think she could shed hair forever.

She started shedding a couple of months ago and it is just never ending. I pet her wonderful coat and clumps of hair come out. I keep thinking that maybe during the day she is getting too close to the TV and being infected with too much radiation, or something.

I love Gracy and I won't be cruel and shave off all her hair; if only so I won't laugh every time I come home. I will continue to take the shedding come to her back, sides and underbelly several times a week; but please can't the shedding end soon? At this rate she will be finishing right about the time fall is on its way and she is growing a new coat.

Really, there is hair everywhere in this house and no matter how much I clean and dust it just keeps coming back and coming back and coming back. If ever there was a reason to hire someone to clean, it's my dog. If only she could get a job and pay for the maid.