Home Improvement

Well, while not as interesting as the 90's TV show I am attempting to improve my home a little bit. I organized my garage to make it a useful part of the house as I wrote about back in February. I also, shortly there after, tackled putting up some curtains in the living room and dining room and even decorated my two tables. I have one table in the kitchenette and of course a table in the dining room. I chose red for the kitchenette, including putting up some valances and even got some cushions to make the chairs for the table a bit more comfortable. For the dining room I got some odds and ends to add a little decoration to the blue tablecloth I chose for that table.

I am not 100% happy with the current look, but that is less about color and more about the material. I love target, but I am not real happy with the look, of their drapes. Plus I had a heck of a time getting the lengths to all be the same. Truth-be-told the lengths never really worked out right. So once I decide what color I am going to paint some of the walls I will decide if I am going to replace the drapes. What I have for now adds a little color and keeps the light coming into the rooms to a minimum. The blinds only help so much.

For some photos of what I did, go here, click on Home Improvements. I will add more photos of what I have done and of what I will do as I have a chance.