Spring Cleaning in February

The weekend has finally arrived, which is a good thing as this as been a headache filled week. I don't mean a week filled with lots of problems, I mean a week filled with lots of actually eye popping, back straining, headaches. For what ever reason, just about every night this past week I have had a terrible headache. I haven't had a great deal on my mind, or super pressure at work; just a bunch of painful headaches. I have weeks like that sometimes, and this week was one of them.

The weekend is here though and I will relax while I do a bit of cleaning. The house could use a spot of cleaning, plus laundry has to be done; but the big cleaning for the weekend is the garage. Since I moved in 13 months ago I have done very little with my garage short of put things in it and traipse through it. So this week I picked up some free standing shelving, a long handled tool organizer and a large cabinet to help me get my garage organized. Hopefully when I am done the only thing that will be left to do is a build a work bench.

I know it is all part of owning a house, but I just wish more of owning a house involved not spending money instead of spending money. I think I did well in getting things for the garage. I probably could have gone even cheaper if I just purchased wood, braces and screws and built shelves and cabinets right into the walls of the garage; but I don't have much in the way of tools and this way should I move at least some of the stuff can come along for the ride. The bench will become part of the house, and I do want to build some shelving into the walls eventually as well as hanging racks for a bike or two and a few other things. Mostly though I just want to get up and organized before summer comes. I still have a great deal of yard work to contend with this year and an organized garage will make those chores a little less of a problem. Besides, a little Spring cleaning never hurt anyone; even in February.