Nice, Clean and Organized

This morning at 9:30 I started and by 2:30 I had finished this weekend's big project. The garage now seems so much bigger and most assuredly cleaner. I have to admit it took me longer than I thought, but a few of the cabinets and the shelves didn't fully cooperate with me. The weather on the other hand did cooperate, although it was a bit cold and my hands took the brunt of it. Banging on shelves and getting slightly nicked when your hands are cold, just isn't any fun.

I finished the major project for the weekend, but I still have one more major thing to do in the garage and that is build a work bench. I will probably have to wait to do that until I fill I have the additional funds to go and buy the wood and supplies I will need. Of course once the work bench is done, new projects were jump out at me. For one I will have to hook up a phone in the garage as the bench will give me a place to put the phone. I will put up some cork board so that I can hang various tools as I begin to collect them. I may even put carpet down on the bench, or part of it anyway for doing work on things that might scratch easily.

Once all that has been accomplished I will have to set my sights on getting a second fridge to put in the garage. When I built the house I had an extra outlet put in just for that option. I would like to get a standard fridge so that I can keep additional soda, beer or whatever as well as additional freezer space. My side-by-side is great, but it does lack a bit of freezer storage space. There isn't a grand rush though, not like I have to feed an army and I don't exactly have raging parties either. Just all part of making the home, a little more homey.

Tomorrow... I get to tackle cleaning the house and doing my taxes. Not surprisingly, I don't look forward to either. What I do look forward to is keeping my home nice, clean and organized. Can't say as I will accomplish this lofty goal, but all I can do is try.