Excellent Government Tool

Okay, the link I will give you and the link you may have seen on my homepage is a tremendous tool made possible by the power of the Internet. The Net may be swarming with sick and twisted minds, photos you wouldn't show your imprisoned brother, videos you wouldn't show to your worst enemy and crap that will eat away at your mind and soul; but it also has a great deal of useful information.

Recently in my quest to wade through the polluted waters of the Internet I found a site managed by MSN Slate with data provided by Capitol Advantage; a group that collects as much information on our elected officials as is possible. Not information on where they go or who they rub elbows with, but actual voting record information and the like. They also collect, and provide on this Slate site, media contact information and just tons more stuff as well.

MSN Politics Capwiz

I can't do the site justice or the information the site offers up justice, you just have to check it out.

Another cool feature, at least for this Political Science graduate, is the MegaVote e-mail subscription which allows you to sign-up to get a weekly e-mail that tells you how your elected officials voted on various issues. You pick the issues you are interested and the e-mail will tell you how they voted on bills in those categories. You can even link to see how others voted across the country.

Want information on upcoming elections, like say that little election coming up in November for President of the United States, they have information on that too. You can find out key dates in the election process for your local area. Don't know when your primary is? When the Voter Registration deadline is? Don't remember enough of your civics class to remember when we hold our General Election each year? All these questions and many more can be answered by this site.

This site truly is a tour de force of information on elections, politics, the people that run and the people that govern. Check it all out. All you have to know is your zip code. If you don't know your zip code, YOUR HELPLESS AND DON'T DESERVE TO VOTE! You think I'm kidding?