Technology, The Universe and Money

First, I know I haven't posted anything in a while... but as I figure my readership is measured in single and low digits.... GET OVER IT. Um, I mean, my deepest and sincerest apologies.

Okay, to the heart of the issue. TECHNOLOGY, I love it so and it so sucks. Why does it suck? Well, I guess in the grand and wondrous scheme of things it really doesn't suck; but for me, in the hear and now, it sucks big time. Most of you probably know that I use my computers and the wondrous world wide web to accomplish many of my daily tasks. Beyond my daily dose of news, I also use it to master my finances. I do this all through a product offered by what is commonly referred to as the Evil Empire, Microsoft. You see, I have been using Microsoft's various different web based applications for some time now. Three of the biggies are hotmail, Bill Pay and Money. I used Money "the software" application for a couple of years and then switched to their Money Plus web based application about 18 months ago. The ability to access my check registry and all my bill paying anywhere in the world was very attractive to me. It has worked, mostly, like a charm too. There is a draw back, something that you rely so heavily on that is almost completely out of your control; can have serious drawbacks. Remember this kids, if you don't control something, you have no control. Not really a problem, until it doesn't work.

That's where I have been the last few days. MSN Money Plus hasn't really been up-to-snuff for me of late and is causing me untold headaches. Yes, yes, I can still access all my banking information via the bank's web site; but it isn't the same and doesn't let me reconcile and predict my future balance; Money Plus does. It isn't a huge deal, more of a small sharp pain; but a pain none-the-less.

I have contacted Microsoft, um MSN, and they were about as much help as an umbrella in a hurricane. There in lies another problem with technology. It is easily understood by some and easily miss-understood by so many others; and it seems help desks do a fine job of finding the latter and seldom the former. It is either that, or no one else ever calls in with anything other than lost password requests; which with a system as varied and complex as theirs, seems highly unlikely.

So where does it all leave me? Well, waiting for Verizon to call me back. Wait, are you confused? Verizon? You are thinking, "but I thought you said this was Microsoft and MSN?" Yes, it is. But Verizon inked a deal with MSN to provide their suite of internet services to all their DSL subscribers, and they do so at no cost to the subscriber. Very cool. I thought so since it saved me $10/month as I was already using the services. The problem is that Verizon seems to have hired the people that MSN wouldn't hire, meaning they know even less about the MSN services. Which leaves me crying out to the heavens, "WHY ME!?!" With the only answer that comes back..... "You're the one that likes technology." The Universe really needs to find a new M.O., this Poetic Irony is getting to be a bit of a pain in the.............