Chronicles Come Alive

I am finally back to doing some maintenance on KellysWorld. If you check out Kelly Chronicles you will see that I am attempting to being the process of beefing up the section that should be the meat of the site. I also need to work on adding some more gallery items. I think I have a ton more photos that need to be scanned and look through the 2500 photos I already have to see which of the ones that aren't posted should be posted. Because of the way that I show my photos it can be a slow process, but I think the results are pretty good given my lack of programming skills.

I think I am also going to start adding some of the old "sayings" I used to have posted all over my walls in college. If you ever visited my rooms back then you would have seen them stuck to the walls all over my room. They ranged in quality and some were, shall we say, more "depressed" than others. I may even add some of my early writing works; but that will require me to actually retype the things but it would give me a modern source. Who knows. I don't know if any of that makes my site any better but it does go to one of the main purposes of my site, which is to create some kind of "record." I won't win a Pulitzer or any web design awards, but it will be a site I can be proud of and in the short term at least my Chronicles will come alive.