Another Day, Another Job

Tomorrow I will officially start my new part-time job. Yes, that's right, I have taken a part-time gig to help make ends meet. Luckily though I won't be working in the apartment leasing business again. I don't think I could take the mind-numbing work again. There were more than a few occassions where I felt like a trapped animal and was prepared to knaw off my own arm to escape.

This new part-time gig will be working for a one time co-worker from my previous life at Fujitsu. He now owns and operates a digital camera store called, Camera-Stop. To be perfectly honest, I think it is an increadible idea that should do extreamly well. The set-up is 100% geared towards the digital photography and videographer on the prosumer end of things. That basically means, people that are semi-serious to really serious about capturing their family, vacations and the like using all digital tools or for the up and coming art student who is breaking into the digital world. There are professional camera stores, but even they are not 100% digital yet.

The store also offers complete digital printing of photographs as well as turing old VHS tapes into full on DVDs; and lots of other digital services. All-in-all a great idea that should be a lot of fun to be a part of; if only as a weekend sales associate. Besides, it means I get to play with lots of gadgets and I so love gadgets.

I am not crazy about my work week going balls to the walls at 7 days and something like 70 hours; but as someone once told me while I was working in New York, "you do what you have to do, when you have to do it." Think wonderful Irish-American accent, as he was a 2nd generation Irish American as I recall.

Stay tuned... the Adventure Continues!