Edit that Video

For a couple of weeks I have been trying to get my video editing software to work again, properly. For some reason the software has been running dog slow. Now, my desktop isn't the newest kid on the block, in all fairness it is pretty much ancient; but it still has a bit of spunk left and a kicking video graphics card to boot. This weekend I beat the problem enough to be able to be back in business. Now, when I reboot the computer I hope that I won' t have to go through this all over again, but if I do I have a fair idea of what I did to make it all work again.

Why in the world is all this important? Besides being ticked that I couldn't do what I was trying to do and being ticked that my current circumstances preclude replacing my antiquainted system, I am attempting to put together a wedding video for a friend. Not actually video of the wedding, but of the reception. I have an hour of raw video and I my hope is to whittle it down to an "interesting" 25 or 30 minutes of entertainment. My first big video that I did a few years back was difficult, but for 45 minutes I had nearly two hours of raw video and much of that video was set-up. For this wedding video I just had to pray and tape. I have done that a lot, but this is the first time I have done it for someone else knowing that I would have to turn it into something enjoyable to watch.

I do love a challenge and I love learning to do new things and being a bit creative. This allows me to do all those things, in spades. I don't have a great deal of experience and I don't exactly have all the hardware or backend music and effects that one might like to have; what I do have though is a sense of duty and enough creativity to be dangerous. If only my computer were a little bit more up to the challenge. Those Macs look better every day.

As much as I would like to replace my computer, especially with a good Macintosh; the house has to come first and I still don't have curtains or much in the way of decoration. So until that is done, my desire to render my video with greater speed and pizaz... will have to wait. Until then I will just edit the video the best way I know how.