Rock the Vote On 9-13-03

On September 13, 2003 Texas is holding a special election that involves 22 different propositions. One of the most contraversial of these is Prop 12 which would be a constitutional amdendment that limits non-economic damages in medical malpractice civil suits. Regardless of your possition on this matter or the other 21, if you live in Texas you have a civil responsibility to get out and vote. I haven't been the best example of this of late... but on the 13th I change that for good.

If you want more information on the 22 propositions, go to the Texas State Deparment and you can get more information.

For some pros and cons (this is pretty party specific, but some info is better than none) check out teh website for State Senator John Carona (R)

If you want even more detail that seems to be less biased, then check out this Condensed Pro & Cons on Proposed Amendments. Condensed is a relative term though.

If you want other voting information check out Dallas County Elections. This is a great site for information, even if you don't live in Dallas County as it gives links to State Election information as well. Not as complete, but has information specific to Collin County.

If you live in Collin Country, check out the Collin County Election Web Site.

SO GET OUT AND DUE YOUR CIVIC DUTY!! Or as MTV said in the 90's "Rock the Vote!"