And The Weeks Pass By

Another day draws to an end as I prepare for my beauty sleep; too bad it doesn't seem to work. It is late and I am getting older. How do I know I am getting older? Simple. By the very fact that I think 10:45 is LATE! Truly sad... I used to stay up to 3:00 in the morning doing homework in college and even stayed up till 12:00 or 1:00 when I was living in Korea and I had to start work at 6:20 in the morning. Not any more. Age SUCKS!

Beyond age sucking, all is going well. At work I am getting more and more into the swing of things and understanding the entire process of rooftop management. My job requires that I fully understand every aspect of the business and I am trying my best to make sure that I meet need. At the same time I am putting my skills of organization and problem solving to work to make the system run smoother and more efficiently. My suggestions don't always meet with immediate approval or even praise; but most of them eventually are adopted or at least put on the burner because they at least deserve to be looked in to. One of the things I am liking about working for this company is that if I have a suggestion it can more easily see fruition than was possible at Fujitsu. Not because my superiors didn't think my ideas good, but because others didn't think them wise, possible or more often than not; just threw them aside without serious consideration of any kind. My biggest project was born of my second day there and only yesterday my designer and I showed off a very, very early version of the upcoming Operations Database. A database that will track most aspects of operations as well as be a marketing device; both internal and external. It is a very exciting project and I am getting to put many of the skills I learned at Fujitsu under my old boss to use. Now I am not doing any of the programming, we hired someone for that; but I am doing the designing. In the meeting yesterday every single question that was asked or feature that was asked for was easily answerable since we had already anticipated the various needs or built in the versatility to handle the requests. A great deal more planning is required and we are only in stage one of many; but the progress is looking good so far and our programer is doing a bang-up job. Kudos to him.

That is the big news. For now I am just enjoying a little light jazz being streamed to my computer over the net while Gracy snoozes on her (my) bed. All the nerve, she is sleeping exactly where I will be in 5 minutes. Tomorrow I will try and get my butt out of bed and into work early as I have plenty to keep me busy and I probably won't get out of there until after 6:00. Forty hour work week.... I only wish. At least working from dawn till dusk, the weeks just pass by. Somehow though, that isn't a comforting thought.