One Day Left of 32 ..... DOH!!!!

If you listen carefully you can hear something in the background.... right behind you... just listen... do you hear it? Now, come on listen harder! Yeah... there you go... now you hear it... "tick, tock, tick, tock" the sound of my life clock ticking away the seconds till I turn 33 years old. Thirty three years ago I was born, and later tonight will mark the 33rd anniversary of when my mother started the 15 hours of labor that would take to bring me into this world... The world her and dad told me on more than one occasion they could take me out of. They just listened to way too much Bill Cosby! I mention the 15 hours of labor, because mom never lets me forget. It isn't quite as bad as the first scene out of City Slickers but damn near close! Oops, I sad the "D" word. Ah, but one of the nice things about being 33, I can say the "D" word nearly anytime I like. SO THERE! There, did you hear that? The slap heard round the world as mom proves that the long arm of the law is no match for the long arm of motherhood.

So yes, tomorrow (officially at 6:38 p.m. as mom always like to tell me) I turn 33 years old. One year older and deeper in debt. I start this year off with a new house, a new job and what may be a new lease on life. I didn't like the terms of the old lease. The house is doing well, except for a slight problem of the foundation and my land seemingly frustrated by the heat and refusing to connect. My fence is having even bigger issues with the property in that the gate won't even close. Gracy thought that was just fine! I didn't. The job is doing well, except for the fact that I filed away the shovel and have put in a request for a fork lift. There are other facets to my life. I am again attending Wylie City Council meetings, with an eye on doing something more official at some point in the not too distant future. I am also the publicity chair and a charter member of the University of Tulsa Alumni Association, Dallas Area Chapter. Neither is too taxing at the moment, but in time they should both add more to my monthly list of things to do.

At work I am keeping busy with my daily duties, as well as working to develop a brand new database system that will allow the company to better track all of their contracts and clients, as well as many other facets of the business. Even hoping to show off a little of it before the end of the month. No, I am not programming it... It needs to actually work! I have, with permission of course, hired out the work to former co-worker of mine. The whole project should benefit me in helping me to complete tasks more quickly and of course benefit the company by being able to better track, digitally no less, their business.

So here, on the eve of my 33rd birthday and the final day of my 32nd year; things are going pretty good. They could be better, but then again I could be unemployed, with no place to live, no car to drive and a mountain of debt chiseling away at the very foundation of my existence. See, when you put it that way even the worst of times can look good; and this is by no means the worst of times.

Ah, I am going to be 33 years old.... Wait! 33? Really? DOH!!!!!