New Job Going Great

Okay, so I have been a baaaaaaaad boy. Or so my "mommy" says; sorry mom.

So far so good at work. I have gotten my desk all set up, my computer up and running and the phone ringing. It didn't take them but a day to get me on a project that I am still working on and will be for some time to come. Basically it requires me to verify data we have on our clients, but specifically I am working on getting up-to-date insurance certificates. Our clients, carriers, put equipment on top of buildings, also our clients, but to do that they must have proof of insurance. Not exactly talking pennies and dimes here either, serious dollars.

The work enviroment is very good, it is very much a "give you a task and tell us when it is done." I am very good with tasks like that. I do have to go and asks questions a lot right now, but that is becuase this is a business I am very new to; but learning fast! Everyone is friendly and the job comes with all the coke I can drink. Don't worry mom, I'm taking it easy; no more than 1 an hour.

As I had written before my first day, I am working at Mockingbird Station. That has turned out to be great. Plenty of places to go to during the lunch hour, or just walk around to get away from the office. There is also a beautiful huge building next door that has a very nice common area with a water fountain, extreamly relaxing. They also have a great deli in the basement.

I did find out that their is a train station actually on the way I drive to work. I have tried stopping there and taking the train the rest of the way, and it worked out great. The cost though, considering my drive is actually pretty easy, doesn't seem to heavily weigh in the train's favor. From what I can tell, at $40/month, it may be something of a wash. I may give it a try for a month and see how the costs and time works out. In the end it actually can take a little longer to take the train into work than driving, but only having to drive for 20 minutes is nicer than 45 minutes. Will see.

Not a great deal more yet to talk about. I can say that I am enjoying my job and am building a good relationship with my boss. Reminds me of my old boss in that she is very committed to her job and a bit of a work-a-holic.

I will try and do better as the weeks progress.... Until next time....