Second Interview, More the Wiser

Today I had my second interview with a small, but growing, company that is considering me for a new position they are creating to help them manage some of their contracts as well as do various administrative tasks. The interview process was interesting, and very long. I started at about 9:15 and walked out of their offices about 12:15. I met with four different individuals, from the person that would be my manager to the owner of the company. All four interviews were interesting. In each interview I learned a bit more about the company and the position for which I am a candidate.

I can't say one way or the other if I will be offered a position or not, but I can say the position is interesting as is the company. I won't go into any greater detail as I am in process and I wouldn't want to say anything that should be kept in confidence.

I know that the owner and the individual that would be my manager travel some and have been in and out of the office over the past several weeks. With that in mind I do not know if a decision will be quick in coming or if it will take time for them to all get together to discuss their impressions of me and whether I should be offered the open position.

No matter what happens, this was a totally different interview process than I have ever been subjected to, but I am sure in the future I will go through similar processes. I believe that I held up well over the four hours of interviewing and the next time I have to go through this type of process I will do even better and be that much more the wiser.