Return Calls, Second Interviews

Today I had two really nice phone calls. Nice meaning that my previously "infamous" luck seems to have begun to turn around. My first call was with my recruiter who told me my interview of the other day went very well. He also told me that I should be getting a second interview with them. That of course is a good thing. Then late in the afternoon I recieved a phone call from the company I interviewed with a few weeks back. The HR director there told me that they would like to bring me in for a second interview. The scheduling is apparently a little dicy as they want me to meet with three different people and if at all possible at the same time. This of course is good news as well. Both possitions are very interesting and I can't say as right now that I prefer one over the other. The second interviews, if I recieve them from both companies, will be just as important to me as it will be to the prospective employer.

So maybe my luck really is starting to take a turn for the better. You won't hear me complain, I can tell you that!