Offered a Job..... I Accepted!!

Well, I will make this quick for now; just in case anyone of my friends or family stop by to see what I have written lately.

A few hours ago I recieved a phone call from Highpoint, a rooftop management company, offering me a job. They are the company I had a four hour interview with earlier this week. It is an administrative/contract management possition. Should be a very interesting job. I don't know a great deal about exactly what I will be doing, but I am excited about the opportunity. The company feels right and I think it will be a great experience. There are always apprehensive feelings about a new job, but they are few for me right now. I will right more later.

For now it is sufficient to say I was offered a job and I have accepted it! YEAH!!! I don't have to sell the dog. Don't tell Gracy.