Never Too Young For A Face Lift

Well, if you are reading this you probably noticed it looks a little different. If you only knew the amount of work it took to get to this point. The truly sad thing is that hours were wasted attempted to get to something akin this look with out success and this version took only about 1 hour. Most of the issues stem from cascading style sheets which I am just not very familiar with; but am more so now. This isn't totally the same as before, but the problems I was having with Version 3.0 of my blog has been fixed. Anything bolded would be black and therefore blended into the black background. So in this version, 3.1 I resolved that issue and slimed down the look a little. Okay, so this entry won't make the 5 O'clock news, but it is important; in Kelly's World.

Another change to Kelly's World is the front page. I have been continually playing around with it trying this and that. I now have a random page selector to allow me to change the content on the front page a little. I also took my intro text and created an actual image instead of just typing text; allowing me to be a little more creative with the font. Again, not a huge change, but then you are just never too young for a face Lift.