Interviews & Choices

As regular visitors and friends alike already know, I have been unemployed for some time. A few weeks ago I interviewed with a small company and am still awaiting my second interview. I have spoken with them since then and told them I am still interested and I have been told that they are still working on making a decision. Hopefully I will have an answer soon. Today I hopefully added some choice to my life. I interviewed with a large company and the interview went well, at least I think it did. The interview lasted for nearly an hour and we covered my past as well as the job in question. I am excited about both opportunties and both of them are very different. Now if I am lucky they will both come back to me with an offer at the same time and I will get to enjoy the benifit of choice. So cross your fingers and toes and say a prayer or two, and when I know more I will post away.