Independence Day 2003

This morning I celebrated independence Day by watching the movie independence Day (ID4). A totally unrealistic movie that provides a joyous, feel good romp that concludes with an entirely implausible ending. If it all sounds contradictory, well it is just that; but as a popcorn flick it is at near the top of my movie list. Not only that, I think it is the first time a Mac has saved the world. For all you that know anything about Apple and the Macintosh, the fact that the virus is implanted in the enemy mother ship via a Mac is just poetic irony at its best. (Macs are known for be nearly 100% virus free.) Obviously the aliens failed to get the latest version of Norton Antivirus. The movie should also get kudos for the best use of an ejection seat since 007.

I do have to say that killing off Harry Connick Jr., was just not cool.

Beyond ID4, my day will be pretty quiet. I have the day off from work, but due to financial concerns I won't be straying far from the Hacenda. Probably not a bad thing as the heat index is supposed to reach 105 degrees today. Makes me want to buy a shovel and start digging myself a nice pool.

Oh, the job front.... NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS? That pretty much sums it up.