Another Day of Crypt Keeping S l o o o o w l y Ends

Another slow Sunday of waiting for someone, anyone, to come in to see an apartment comes to an end. I actually had a little more business than I have the past few Sundays, but you would need to be Sherlock Homes to see that difference. It isn't that it is boring playing the waiting game for 4 hours every Sunday, but.... okay, it is boring! Let's just get that out of the way! It is horribly boring.

I am able to do a little paperwork, enter work order and file a few things; but since I am not actually an employee of this property there is little I can do in that regard. So I just hope that someone will come in; but then again in this increasingly hot weather if someone does come in I want them to actually rent something so I don't feel like I just wasted 30 minutes. I know, I can't have it both ways... but a boy can dream. Like the dream that crypt keeping will eventually end.