The Tale Of A Tire Gone Bad

I would love to embelish this story and give it more "umph," but to be honest this is a very simple story. I was on my way to work traveling out of Wylie when I came to a railroad track I have crossed hundreds of times already. Today was different for some reason. I am not fully sure what happened, but I believe I rode a little too far to the right and caught the edge of the street and slid right over the deep tracks. The whole area on both sides of the streets is jagged, very jagged. More than likely the edge caught the inside of my tire and tore two holes, as if they had been slashed, right through the tire. Instantly I lost all tire pressure in the tire and new immediately that I had a serious problem. I pulled over to check the tire finding it as flat as I thought and trying to figure out what to do next. I knew I had a spare and one of those crazy tiny jacks, but I had never attempted to use either with this car. I dug out the tire, the jack and the tire wrench and began the labrous task of changing a tire on the side of a busy highway in the middle of the afternoon on a hot June day. A particuraly messy and sweaty task. By the time I was done, I had successfully changed my tire, sweated a small river and changed the color of my hands. All in all a wonderful and exciting experience that I hope not to have to deal with again. Luckily, it is only the third time I have ever had to change a tire.