Breakfast At Ballard Street Cafe

This morning before heading off to work I was lucky enough to get a chance to eat breakfast with an old friend, Brett. He and his wife were in town for a few days to see an old college buddy that was heavily involved in the opening of a new church in the Dallas area. Brett and Arly (his wife) came over this morning to get the 5 cent tour of my house and then go get breakfast at Wylies best known eatery, The Ballard Street Cafe. Best breakfast, lunch and dinner served in the greater Wylie area. Actually, people come from all around to enjoy Sunday breakfast at the Cafe.

The three of us enjoyed catching up on recent events, but it didn't last nearly long enough. After a few hours they had to head back to Tulsa and I had to go to work. We don't get to see each other very much, but when we do it is always a good time.

For those of you that don't know, Brett and I go way back. We met back in highschool when I was all of 15. Knowing someone so well for nearly two decades is a strange and wonderous thing. Two decades? Ehhhhh... I am getting old; but so is he! Brett... think car wash... That's all, just think car wash. Everyone else, too bad. Not gonna tell.

Hopefully he and Arly will be back down my way soon. Maybe I will even get a regular job that will allow me to take off for a weekend. There's a thought!